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Other Hot Women

These are a collection of photographs of the various woman that I would like to have sexual relations with. This might range from kissing and heavy petting to hardcore sex.
They are beautiful, inspiring and I want to make them cum.


Kentucky Shine by Boudicah
Kentucky Shine
Three dogs stood at the end of the road howling at something off in the distance. One dog had a black coat, while one was dark brown and the last, tan. My friend remarked they looked like three different cups of coffee standing there, with various shades of creamer having been added or omitted. The biggest of the three, the black one, turned towards me and gave a playful bark as if to say that all was okay on that end of the road and whatever it might have been, had tucked tail and run off.
I turned the Chevy pick up truck back towards the highway, and left those dogs barking at whatever it was they chased.
We had 25 cases of shine to be delivered and Lexington was still a two hours drive. I lit up a cigarette and thanked the creators for yoga pants. The radio played some forgotten song. Focus on the road, I told myself. Focus on the road.
Dark Horse by Boudicah
Dark Horse
The road to El Paso is not as straight as it might seem. One can get lost anywhere along the way. Sometimes, one can get lost without turning at all. For such is the road to El Paso. 
It was on a trip to Dallas that I found myself in El Paso wondering why in the hell; or perhaps more to the point, how in the hell I had ended up here. It seemed to some illogical, or perhaps only to me, that I should find myself in the last town in Texas. Or the first I suppose — give or take what direction one was coming from. That first night in town didn't provide me with any answers.
I pulled off my jeans and laid back upon the bed. My panties wet from riding all day, I removed them and tossed them to the hotel floor in a heap. I didn't answer the first knock at the door, nor the second. But I did rise to answer the third knock. For three times is always a charm.
The Open Heart Window by Boudicah
The Open Heart Window
Shelter and comfort can be found in the most unusual of locations. Sometimes, all it takes is a bridge or tree to ward off the rain; and while it may not be comfortable, it is certainly better a damn sight better than standing in a cold, unwanted rain.
Other times, the very rain itself might bring comfort to our soul as we stand in the downpour and laugh with wanton abandonment. I like to pull my shirt off in moments like that and feel the rain on my chest, as my heart pounds deep below.


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Woman. In every sense of that word; in it's totality and completeness, it is who I am. The details are mine and for me alone. — Boudicah

The only reason art exists is because of sex.

Tall Of The Tape:
5-9, 140-pounds; 34B-24-36.
Married, bisexual female of the human race.
Funny, I sat down looking to write, to somehow express, the weird or the wild goings on in the world of Boudicah and began to realize just how pedestrian the last six months has truly been.
I think I have become more 'self critical' over the last six months — I can find fault in nearly every picture I take these days. Some of that is the changes that come with time, some changes due to Parkinson's and some probably just due to the high standards I set for myself with Boudicah ... I imagine that last bit will have the Porn Police in gasps of laughter that any woman who expresses her own sexuality should have any kind of standards.
And maybe I could even argue that 'standard' is not the correct choice of wording, but it's what I am going with.
There is a sense of "duplication," when you take thousands of nude and semi-nude shots ... a sense of seen that, done that. I search DA and find new ideas or not even new, but perhaps just inspiring ideas ... and many of them require a certain aesthetic or location or lighting that I just haven't had.
I have been rearranging the basement back to where I had it at one point with the southern-exposed room that gets a good deal of natural sun into my 'photo room.'
I hope that that will pay dividends in the weeks to come and that perhaps I begin to find a new direction with the natural light.
Maybe a return of soft, black & white pics that I so enjoy.
It's been three years on DA and a little over a year since my mom died, so I keep hoping that maybe some new muse will inspire or delight me in the way DA once did. I even sold another zip set the other day and was pleasantly surprised ... since I have been so infrequent in my active here.
I don't think I have put up more than 20 pictures this year and none of them hit the same level as what I was able to produce — with Pirate's help — over the first two years.
Pirate has mostly withdrawn from production — although he did pitch in the other night. But I wasn't really happy with the end results ... just too generic. Too average.
And maybe that is me being overly critical, or judgmental. But I didn't come away from the pictures thinking, 'yes, I really dig this one, or that one.'
And, also, that is not to say I didn't like the pictures, they simply weren't DA kind of pics. They seemed some how randomly plain. Just ... yeah, okay.
Maybe it is all in my head. 
What is the Latin? ... This too shall pass ... I forget. If I ever knew it.

Okay, off to other ventures and things in my world. 
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  • Watching: Jimmy Fallon
  • Playing: fiddle.
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: Red wine


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